Steven Bergwijn of Tottenham Hotspur is expected to leave the team.

Steven Bergwijn of Tottenham Hotspur is expected to leave the team.

Bergwijn continued his poor performance at Tottenham and decided to transfer as he had fewer opportunities to play. The Dutch media ‘The Telegraph’ said on the 3rd, “Verwijn has agreed to a five-year contract with Ajax. Ajax has made an offer to Tottenham and is about to reach an agreement with the club.”

Bergwijn made his professional debut at the prestigious PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Born in Eindhoven’s youth, Bergwijn, who showed fast feet and determination, has stepped on the youth system step by step and made his debut in the first division 먹튀검증.

And he advanced to the English Premier League (EPL) with his performance in Eindhoven. Bergwijn, who moved in January 2020, was not a solid starter, but Tottenham fans expected a strong performance as a potential replacement for Son Heung-min and Lucas Moura.

I made a strong impression. He scored his debut goal in the 25th round of the 2019-20 Premier League against Manchester City. Bergwijn, who scored his sensational debut goal with a right-footed volley shot, raised Tottenham fans’ expectations to the fullest.

But I walked downhill. After his debut season, he scored only one goal in 21 league matches in the 2020-21 season and continued to be sluggish. Although Son Heung-min’s position is solid, he did not perform impressively even if he occasionally played as a substitute.

There was still a chance of a rebound last season. In the 17th round of the Premier League in the 2021-22 season, Bergwijn scored multiple goals against Leicester City. In particular, the second goal just before the end was a valuable goal that led Tottenham to continue its fight for fourth place.

But that was all. Later, head coach Antonio Conte replaced Bergwijn but scored only one goal in the rest of the season. In the end, Bergwijn, who failed to get out of the slump, decided to transfer, and Ajax has been decided as his next destination.

There was also talk of going to Manchester United. However, Manchester United was lukewarm about recruiting Bergwijn than expected, and Bergwijn himself wanted to go to his homeland, the Netherlands, and reached an agreement. A period of significant rebound is also coming for Bergwijn’s own career.

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